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    Meet The Founder

    Makita Gabriel

    Founder of Soul Vida™

    Makita Gabriel is the founder of Soul Vida Wellness, Creator of The Soul Vida™ Workout Method and Founder Soul Vida Fit Pty Ltd, a wellness company passionate about making the world healthy, empowered and stress free.

    Makita is a Wellness Entrepreneur, Transformational Coach, Spiritual Advisor, Author and Mind Body Expert with over 32 years of experience in Body-Mind Well-being and teaching in a multi-disciplinary environment. Makita is a qualified Nurse and Counselor and holds certifications in Energy Medicine, Ki Force and Reiki Healing Level I & II, Meditation, Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Aerobic and Gym Instruction and Personal Training.

    Her ground breaking workout style meditation practice of engaging the body and mind through movement and breath became The Soul Vida Method in 2014.

    Gabriel continues to evolve her revolutionary whole body healing method, extending it beyond The Soul Vida Studio. She has developed a global digital online platform ( Soul Vida TV ), wellness travel ( Fit Body & Soul Wellness Escapes ),a wellness and healing lifestyle destination for Wellness Partners ( Soul Vida Wellness ) The Soul Vida Teacher Training for students wanting to be certified in the method and heart centered retails offerings and partnerships that strive to ‘Heal the world, awakening the greatness within’.

    She is the author of the up and coming book Soul Vida™ Train the Body Free Your Mind, the ultimate guide to The Soul Vida™Method, a wonderful inspiring and in-depth look at the ground breaking workout style meditations, that are transforming the world of fitness, health and well-being.

    Her Heal.Workout, Meditate, Love Life philosophy celebrates, empowers and inspires healing and mindfulness in Body Mind and Life.

    Makita’s Full Bio is available on

    Train the body. Free Your Mind.