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Live Stream Timetable

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    Our Story

    Soul Vida is a story of revolutionizing mind body well-being to awaken the greatness within.

    Like all great stories, Soul Vida began with a larger than life vision.

    From humble beginnings, a handful of postures and the loyal support of a small group of pioneering investors, Makita Gabriel, our founder, set out on a life changing journey spanning over three decades, as a mind body healing pioneer, wellness entrepreneur, yoga and meditation teacher with success stories celebrated from clients around the world

    Soul Vida was born – Redefining holistic movement for future generations to come and establishing a new and unique experience in mind body workouts hardwired with meditation. Each workout is designed by Makita herself, combining the best of breath synchronized inspired flow.

    As the world went online, So did Soul Vida, launching Soul Vida TV.

    Over 10 years in the making, Soul Vida is a journey of awakening the power within, through determination, faith and courage, in the face of life’s challenges and the actualizing of a dream of ‘Healing the world, one workout at a time’.

    • The genius behind Soul Vida

      Makita Gabriel’s breakthrough research and empowering transformational content has led the mind body wellbeing industry for decades. She is a leader in the new generation of mind body teachers, entrepreneurs and healers.

      Combining her love of mindful movement and meditation, together with her own healing journey through health challenges, anxiety, depression and the search for the true nature of self, she created The Soul Vida Method. She empowers individuals to live authentic and heart centered lives. ...more

      Her strong leadership, in depth skill set and training give her style and knowledge, both in and out of the studio. Makita’s vision through Soul Vida is to ' Heal the World, Awakening the Greatness Within'.

      Makita believes that the most empowering, direct way to do this, is to inspire the individual through movement, breath and mind body wellbeing.

    • Every Challenge Needs a Solution

      One of Makita’s initial challenges was that of marrying whole body exercise with meditation, so that no fitness or meditation experience was needed. Through a number of iterations and pivots, a workout style meditation that was balanced in body, movement, breath and functionality was born.

      This in turn was the perfect remedy of balanced flow and synergy between the workout component and the breath synchronised aspect of meditation.

    • A resilient business model

      In Makita’s own words..

      We set out to create a business model that not only enables people to experience fitness and meditation in an immersive way, but empowers people to transform themselves and the world, creating a ripple effect of empowerment.

      Adopting a mind and heart approach, in equal measure, helps us offer support every step of the way. We wanted to build a movement of meaningful wellbeing practices in every workout and to shine the light on the individual to empower and transform their body, mind and wellbeing. ...more

      People are ready to take wellbeing in their own hands and take their workout to new heights, without the ego drive of addictive fitness trends that create long term body injury and without the spiritual hype of unattainable meditation practices.

      Sailing the stormy seas and making it through the tough times in business ( and in life ) awakens a unique set of life skills- tenacity, innovation, resilience and the ability to pivot your business strategy according to the demands of the market and the economy.

      We’re compelled to reach deep inside for strength, inspiration and clarity, when the ‘Monkey Mind’ is louder than ever! These skills are not acquired overnight. It is a step by step journey that shapes the very fabric of our existence as an individual, a company and as a humanity.’

      – Makita Gabriel

    • Dreams become Reality

      The Soul Vida Method brings together many of the world’s most potent transformative mind body wellbeing practices.

      It’s alchemical fusion of inspired movements support body and breath to move as one. Think of physical movements and breath focus being a way of rejuvenating the body, clearing the mind and strengthening your whole being.

      Soul Vida’s unique “cross-training” technique called ‘INFINITY FLOW’ supports whole body integration and alignment into a ‘flow state’ enhancing deep relaxation, fascial fitness, mind body integration, core stabilisation and spinal flexibility.

      The result is a FIT BODY and CALM MIND supporting participants to find mind body balance, strength, flow and inner calm.

      Now with the launch of Soul Vida TV - Soul Vida is setting sail to become a global sensation.

    Train the body. Free Your Mind.